Mario Bros., The (Demo 1)

요시는 친구들을 구하러여행을 떠납니다. 마리오는 요시 가 올 때까 기다리는데...
Yoshi is leaving on a journey to rescue his friends. Mario is waiting until Yoshi come...

Filename(s):📚 the mario bros
💟 the mario bros
Categorized:🌠 Adventure
Produced By:Mario Korea (cbndfs)
Tag / Brand:MARIO Korea.
Approx Date:2010-11-27
Binary Size:16 Mbit
Apply Patch: BPS (210 KB) IPS (448 KB)
CRC32 Check:8AF62434
SHA-1 Check:1b630a2731b43e9154030fc1d9be221f21595ca7
Other Stuff:
Lunar Magic:Version 1.82 🔓
Level Edits:103 (est.)
First Level:104 - World 1-1
Level Images(are auto produced and may have errors!)
001 \A4\A5\B9\C8 \A5\C7\A4\CC
002 FaB1Da Gj\60D\61 \25
003 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \24\DB\EE
004 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \24\DB\DF \B1\C1
005 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \24\DB\25
006 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \24\DB\26
007 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \24\DB\DC
008 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \24\DB\DE
009 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \24\DB\24 \B1\C1
00A \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \24\DB\D8\23 \B1\C1
00B FaB1Da UGk
00C FcLc CaDj \23
00D FcLc CaDj \24
00E \5E\26 \A6\A7\3Bj\A8\A9 pMa0j Gv
00F \A4\A5\B9\C8 \A5\C7\A4\CC
013 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \24\DB\DF\24 \B1\C1
014 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \23\DB\DE
015 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \24\DB\23 \B1\C1
016 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \24 \D8\D9\A1\D7 \D7\C8\A1\A4
017 \5E\24 \7A\7B pMa0j M#\3Bo
01C \78\62D\61 GZ \27
022 \78\62D\61 GZ \23
0C2 0C3 0C4
0C9 0CA 0D0 0D1 0D6 0DE 0E3 0E4 0E7 0E8 0E9 0EA 0EB 0ED 0F0 0F1 0F2 0F4 0F5 0F6 0F9 0FE 0FF
101 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \23\DB\DC
102 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \23\DB\27
103 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \23\DB\26
104 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \23\DB\23
105 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \23\DB\24 \B1\C1
106 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \23\DB\25
107 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \25\DB\DF
109 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \25\DB\D8\23
10A \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \25\DB\25
10B \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \24\DB\D8\24
10D pMa0j Gv Iv\C5
10E pMa0j Gv \C6\C5
116 pMa0j An\63 \23
117 \78\62D\61 Gj\60D\61
118 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \25\DB\24
119 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \25\DB\26
11A \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \25\DB\23
11B Q3A\35 \37\3BjJj lIo
11C \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \25\DB\DC
11D 7 'D#0j I4
11F 6\35H#0j 7 \26
123 6\35H#0j 7 \25
127 CkC\35N\35
12A HoC\FF
159 15A 15B 15C 15D 15E 15F 160 1C2 1C3 1C6 1CA 1CB 1D0 1D8 1DD 1E8 1E9 1EA 1EF 1F0 1F1 1F2 1F3 1F9 1FA 1FB 1FC 1FD

Levels with default L1:
010 5aIa G\35
011 GaHjCa 6
018 J\BF\C0 'D#Go
01A \5E\28 \3B9Cj\B0 pMa0j Gv
01B \78\62D\61 UGk
01D \78\62D\61 GZ \26
01F 7 UGk
020 \5E\27 8Hj pMa0j Gv
021 \78\62D\61 'D#0j I4
023 \78\62D\61 GZ \25
024 \78\62D\61 GZ \24
093 094 0BD 0BE 0BF 0C0 0C1 0C6 0C8 0CB 0CD 0CE 0CF 0D2 0D3 0D4 0D7 0D8 0DA 0DB 0DC 0DD 0E0 0E1 0E6 0EC 0EE 0EF 0F3 0F7 0F8 0FA 0FB 0FC 0FD 100
108 \AC\C8\D7\B8\A4 \25 \D8\D9\A1\D7 \D7\C8\A1\A4
10F pMa0j An\63 \26
110 \5E\29 DkDj pMa0j Gv
111 An\63 UGk
113 pMa0j An\63 \25
114 An\63 'D#0j I4
115 pMa0j An\63 \24
11E 6\35H#0j 7 \23
120 6\35H#0j 7 \24
121 MaD\35 \37\3BjJj lIo
122 7 Gj\60D\61
125 ExI\E0
126 B\35-?\35
128 Ek\F0I\FFH\E0
12B 5\35
12C Gj\3Bo?\35 A1
12D \EFGj\EFGjN\35
130 \37La \3B\D0\A7 \24
131 \37La \3B\D0\A7
132 \37La \3B\D0\A7 \25
134 \37La \3B\D0\A7 \23
135 \37La \3B\D0\A7 \26
136 \37La \3B\D0\A7 \27
193 194 1BB 1BC 1BD 1BE 1BF 1C0 1C1 1C4 1C5 1C8 1C9 1CC 1CD 1CE 1CF 1D1 1D2 1D3 1D4 1D5 1D6 1D7 1D9 1DA 1DB 1DC 1DF 1E0 1E1 1E2 1E3 1E4 1E5 1E6 1E7 1EC 1ED 1EE 1F4 1F5 1F7 1F8 1FE 1FF

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