Super SIG World 3

マリオの マンネリなたびが いま、はじまる・・・
Mario The stereotyped journey Now begins ...

Filename(s):📚 Super SIG World(3).zip
💟 SuperMarioWorld3
Categorized:🗾 Japanese
Produced By:S.I.G
Approx Date:2008-06-17
Binary Size:16 Mbit
Apply Patch: BPS (176 KB) IPS (457 KB)
CRC32 Check:96F49B05
SHA-1 Check:7af93ef6087d7dcfb451a9f8beb148cebbc04822
Other Stuff:
Lunar Magic:Version 1.63 🔓
Level Edits:201 (est.)
First Level:001 - ノスタルじま コース1 [Nostalgic Island Course 1]
Level Images(are auto produced and may have errors!)
001 \C1\AC\B3\D9\3B\79q \A9p\AC\23
002 \C1\AC\B3\D9\3B\79q \A9p\AC\24
003 \C1\AC\B3\D9\3B\79q \A9p\AC\25
004 \C1\AC\B3\D9\3B\79qjezd\79
005 \C1\AC\B3\D9\3B\79q \A9p\AC\26
006 \C1\AC\B3\D9\3B\79qj\3B)
007 \C1\AC\B3\D9\3B\79q lrcj\A9p\AC\23
008 \36\30)\AC\A1\E8\B4j\363\32d\79\5F
009 \AA\DD\D2\A5n\30\38\79\5F \A9p\AC\23
00A \AA\DD\D2\A5n\30\38\79\5F \A9p\AC\24
00B \AA\DD\D2\A5n\30\38\79\5Fj\34k\79\38v\3B\36
00C \AA\DD\D2\A5n\30\38\79\5F \A9p\AC\25
00D \AA\DD\D2\A5n\30\38\79\5F \A9p\AC\26
00E \AA\DD\D2\A5n\30\38\79\5Fj\3B)
00F re\79z\AC\A1\E8\B4j\363\32d\79\5F
010 \AA\DD\D2\A5n\30\38\79\5F lrcjag
011 \CC\E8\B8\B8\79p\CF \A9p\AC\23
012 \CC\E8\B8\B8\79p\CF \A9p\AC\24
013 \CC\E8\B8\B8\79p\CF \A9p\AC\25
014 \CC\E8\B8\B8\79p\CFj\34k\79\38v\3B\36
015 \CC\E8\B8\B8\79p\CFjezd\79
016 \CC\E8\B8\B8\79p\CF \A9p\AC\26
017 \CC\E8\B8\B8\79p\CFj\3B)
018 \21\35\AC\A1\E8\B4j\363\32d\79\5F
019 \B3\A5\A1p\BA\39\32\38\79\5F \A9p\AC\23
01A \B3\A5\A1p\BA\39\32\38\79\5F \A9p\AC\24
01B \B3\A5\A1p\BA\39\32\38\79\5F \A9p\AC\25
01C \B3\A5\A1p\BA\39\32\38\79\5Fj\34k\79\38v\3B\36
01D \B3\A5\A1p\BA\39\32\38\79\5Fjezd\79
01E \B3\A5\A1p\BA\39\32\38\79\5F \A9p\AC\26
01F \B3\A5\A1p\BA\39\32\38\79\5Fj\3B)
020 \D0\A1\AC\79j\3B\793\35\30 \A9p\AC\23
021 \D0\A1\AC\79j\3B\793\35\30 \A9p\AC\24
022 \D0\A1\AC\79j\3B\793\35\30j\34k\79\38v\3B\36
023 \D0\A1\AC\79j\3B\793\35\30 \A9p\AC\25
025 026 027 028 029 02A 02B 02C 02D 02E 02F 030 031 032 033 034 035 036 037 038 039 03A 03B 03C 03D 03E 03F 040 041 042 043 044 045 046 047 048 049 04A 04B 04C 04D 04E
101 \D0\A1\AC\79j\3B\793\35\30 \A9p\AC\26
102 \D0\A1\AC\79j\3B\793\35\30j\3B)
103 \D0\A1\AC\79j\3B\793\35\30jezd\79
104 \D4\E8\ABpj\30\33
105 \D0\A1\AC\79j\3B\793\35\30 lrcj\A9p\AC\23
106 \21\34\AC\A1\E8\B4j\363\32d\79\5F
107 \DD\A1\C2\3B4e\32 \A9p\AC\23
108 \DD\A1\C2\3B4e\32 \A9p\AC\24
109 \DD\A1\C2j\32r \A9p\AC\25
10A \DD\A1\C2j\32rjb\5Fo\79c\3D\5F
10B \DD\A1\C2j\32r \A9p\AC\26
10C \DD\A1\C2\3B4e\32j\3B)
10D \A7\E8\C2\7A\3B\794\32
10E \DD\A1\C2\3B4e\32 lrcj\A9p\AC\23
10F \DD\A1\C2\3B4e\32 lrcj\A9p\AC\24
110 \DD\A1\C2\3B4e\32 lrcj\A9p\AC\25
111 \DD\A1\C2\3B4e\32 lrcj\A9p\AC\26
112 \35\30d\30\30\3D\36
113 \21\5F\39\37j\37g \A9p\AC\23
114 \21\5F\39\37j\37g \A9p\AC\24
115 \21\5F\39\37j\37gjezd\79
116 \21\5F\39\37j\37g \A9p\AC\25
117 \21\5F\39\37j\37gj\34k\79\38v\3B\36
118 \21\5F\39\37j\37g \A9p\AC\26
119 \21\5F\39\37j\37gj\3B)
11A \AC\B3p\DDp\D9\B8\79 \A9p\AC\23
11B \AC\B3p\DDp\D9\B8\79 \A9p\AC\24
11C \AC\B3p\DDp\D9\B8\79 \A9p\AC\25
11D \AC\B3p\DDp\D9\B8\79 \A9p\AC\26
11E \AC\B3p\DDp\D9\B8\79 \A9p\AC\27
11F \36zjag
120 \3B2\37ic\B8\DF\C0\D9
121 \37#\37#\37#z\5F
122 b\5Fu\37j\32r
123 o\3Bj\3D\35\30j\3B)
124 \A7\E8\C2\7A\3B\794\32 \32y\37\79b
193 194 1A2 1A3 1A4 1A5 1A6 1A7 1A8 1A9 1AA 1AB 1AC 1AD 1AE 1AF 1B0 1B1 1B2 1B3 1B4 1B5 1B6 1B7 1B8 1B9 1BA 1BB 1BC 1BD 1BE 1BF 1C0 1C1 1C2 1C3 1C4 1C5 1C6 1C9 1CA 1CB 1CC 1CD 1CE 1CF 1D0 1D1 1D2 1D3 1D4 1D5 1D6 1D7 1D8 1D9 1DA 1DB 1DC 1DD 1DF 1E0 1E1 1E2 1E3 1E4 1E5 1E6 1E7 1E8 1E9 1EA 1EC 1EE 1EF 1F0 1F1 1F3 1F4 1F5 1F7 1F8 1FA 1FB 1FC 1FD 1FE 1FF

Video by Self-made Island
Super SIG World 3 • Hack of Super Mario World

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